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24K Gold Rituals Luminous Exfoliating Gel

24K Gold Rituals Luminous Exfoliating Gel| JANJIRA 35.00


A luxuriously unique, multi-action exfoliating gel that gently polishes the skin, removing any dirt and dead skin cells. Containing various different orange extracts and fruit enzymes which act as gentle exfoliator, this gel removes build up and leaves the complexion looking radiant and youthful. Enriches the skin with moisture, leaving it plumper and soft to the touch.



- Exfoliates and detoxifies skin

- Brightens the skins complexion

- Promotes youthful radiance


Key Ingredients:

Yuzu, Orange and Satsuma Orange Peel Extract - A combination of three oranges, enriched with AHAs which provides moiusture, brightens and refreshes the skin.

Orange Fruit Water - Nourishes, moisturisers and soothes the skin.

Gold - Providing anti-ageing and brightening effects, providing a youthful, radiant healthy look.


*Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly


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  • Directions

    Apply to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Gently work in to the skin in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use once or twice a week.

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