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Let Summer Prep Begin! - 10th May 2017

May is officially here, which means one thing – summer is now upon us and consequently so is the time to start prepping in order to get our skin and body beach-ready! It goes without saying that this time of year usually drives us to hit the gym and the salad bowls for lunch, but tending to our skin and giving it some TLC is just as important, so we’ve given you our top tips for 2017 summer prep. 


It’s very important to exfoliate your whole body before you face the rays! Even during the colder months, our skin accumulates a large amount of debris and dead skin cells. Whilst there is nothing dangerous about this, if your skin isn’t entirely smooth and clear it’s likely that your summer tan may appear rather blotchy and uneven due to the uneven surface of the skin. Exfoliating with a soft and nourishing scrub, like the Janjira Argan Oil Sugar Milky Body Scrub, will ensure that your tan will develop on fresh new skin.  The same applies for your face, but we recommend using a slightly more gentle scrub such as our Marine Radiant White Exfoliating Scrub. It’s made with walnut shell, which means it’s suitable for very sensitive areas like the face.



We’re all well aware of the importance of hydration for the skin, but as well as drinking the sufficient amount of water each day, it’s also a good idea to give your skin an extra boost with some hydrating products! The sun significantly dehydrates our body and face, which ultimately is one of the primary causes of wrinkles and ageing. However, providing your skin with plenty of water and hydration will make a huge difference. Our Pomegranate & Acai Cleanser and Facial Mask are definitely must-have essentials for your summer prep bag! Both are PACKED with nutrients, antioxidants and anti-ageing agent s, so will sooth dry and thirsty skin by delivering instant hydration.

The Facial Mask also contains Shea Butter, a natural wonder ingredient that will keep skin super soft. And of course…drink plenty of water too! 


Last but certainly not least – MOISTURISE! When the warm weather starts to kick in, you’ll want your skin as soft as it can be to avoid any dryness or flaking when you’re soaking up the rays on the beach. Furthermore, if your skin isn’t moisturized it will also make your tan uneven and also fade that much quicker. It’s a good idea to moisturize at least once during the weeks leading up to your holiday, and then at least twice in the days coming up to your beach break! The areas you should focus on in particular are the elbows, hands, knees, ankles and wrists; they tend to be the most dry and are often forgotten about. We recommend using our Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter; it contains Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, both of which are extremely moisturising and will help soften and soothe skin. The extracts of ginger and citrus also help to replenish, moisturize and give skin natural nutrients. Plus, the smell will make you feel as if you’re already on holiday!




Indulge in a Little of Her Own 'Me Time' - 16th February 2017




Contrary to popular belief mummies need to be taken care of too. There’s no such thing as ‘taking a break’ when it comes to a mother’s job description. The long hours of labouring, while undertook willing and lovingly, can sometimes be very tiring and stressful. If you really want to give back to your mum this mother’s day there’s nothing she’ll appreciate more than the luxury of being free to indulge in a little of her own “me time”. 


If you think your mum could be in need of a little TLC, we’ve got just what she needs! Janjira’s Refresh and Revive Body Duo specialises in just that. From our heavenly aromatic Thai Lime and Ginger Gift Set, this body butter and Sugar Milky Body Scrub duo, caresses the skin leaving it soft and supple. 

The magic doesn’t end there! Our Therapy Relaxation Set creates the soothing atmosphere all mothers wish to inhabit once all the kids are safe and sound in their beds, enjoying sweet dreams. Allow your mummy to bring her own dream to life by drawing her a warm bubble bath illuminated by the soft flickers of the Therapy Massage Candle. Aside from the tranquil environment the candle facilitates, once blown out its oil can also be used to nourish the skin, a ritual perfectly complimented by the use of the soothing Therapy Hand Cream.  


Due to the full time nature of motherhood, it’s common that a mother feels worn out. However, she has no choice but to power through so never mind that beauty sleep, she often can’t fit in a daily make-up routine into her daily schedule. Luckily we’re here to help you help her because the Brighten & Illuminate Gift Set facilitates glowingly radiant skin even when up against the damaging effects of fatigue. The collection includes our popular Marine Radiant White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask, Booster Serum and Night Cream. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s a miracle worker! 



The 411 on Chinese New Year - 27th January 2017



A new lunar year hails the Year of the Rooster!


The Chinese New Year changes date each year and during 2017 it is due to arrive on the 28th of January. It has become one of the most globally renowned holidays with about 1/5 of the world’s population joining in on the celebrations! For those not in-the-know about this ancient tradition, we’ve formulated a starter pack to ensure you’re clued up on what to expect from the year ahead.


What Does the Chinese New Year Mean for You?

According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Rooster will be fast-paced and powerful. Impressions are now everything and alongside this new beginning lies the opportunity to encapsulate your hidden potential. It is vital that you are looking and feeling your best, guaranteeing that you are firing at all cylinders throughout the dynamite year ahead. It has been advised that you remain on practical and well-proven paths in order for you to achieve maximum success.


Interesting Facts about Chinese New Year

1. The Date Changes

The date of Chinese New Year varies from year to year. It always occurs somewhere between the 21st of January and the 20th of February, depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

2. The Holiday is Referred to as the “Spring Festival”

Peculiarly Chinese New Year occurs in winter, however it is identified as the beginning of spring.  This is due to the fact that although cold weather prevails, the “start of spring” signals that the worst is over and one can begin looking forward to spring’s imminent arrival.

3. Every Chinese Year is Allocated an Animal of the Chinese Zodiac

It is an ancient Chinese tradition to name years according to one of the total twelve animals of their zodiac sequence. This year is the year of the Rooster and thus people are encouraged to adopt rooster traits in order to enhance the quality of their year.

4. More Fireworks are Used on Chinese New Year than Any Other Occasion

The hour that calls in the Chinese New Year witnesses more tons of fireworks than any other. China is responsible for producing approximately 90% of the world’s fireworks! Due to the belief that fireworks ward off evil spirits, they are considered to bring good luck in future endeavours.

5. People Pay Attention to their Priorities

In the period leading up to the Chinese New Year people focus on completing tasks that remain uncompleted or have not been addressed. Making amends with people and exercising forgiveness is prioritized. People attempt to establish and maintain civil relations while reconnecting with old ties. Buying new clothes and gifts for loved ones, as well as cleaning houses are activities undertook to establish goodwill and cleanse the self of previous misdemeanours.


Beneficial Rooster Personality Traits to Tap into

1. Being active and adopting a healthy lifestyle

2. Valuing social relations and attempting to be warm and charming towards others

3. Prioritizing hard work, perseverance and ambition  

4. Aspiring to be honest, open and loyal. This year it is more important than ever to speak your mind and gain people’s trust.



Overnight Fixers - 2nd January 2017



There’s no denying we all love the festive season – catching up with old friends and family, indulging in lots of delicious food, drinking one too many glasses of bubbly, enjoying many lie in’s, and celebrating with several parties. It’s not surprise Christmas wins as many people’s favourite time of year. However, as fun as the festive frolics can be, it doesn’t do our skin or body any favours. The late nights, rich food and alcohol can leave our complexion looking dull and depleted, so if there was any time our skin needed some extra TLC it’s now!


Although it’s still important to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face daily as usual, the optimum time for your skin to regenerate is actually at nighttime. This is because your body naturally enhances its ability to fight natural and environmental damage whilst you are resting. Sleep reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases melatonin, which acts like an antioxidant to fight against fine lines, dark circles and spots. Therefore, what you apply and incorporate into your regime at night is twice as important if you want to speed up the rate at which your complexion returns to its bright and beautiful self.


1. Apply Moisture-Attracting Ingredients

Whilst we sleep, our skin naturally loses moisture so one-way to keep it sufficiently hydrated is to maintain healthy levels of cellular hydration topically. Before going to bed, opt for a thicker cream as these tend to penetrate the layers more. It’s also a good idea to look for products that contain ingredients such as shea butter or hyaluronic acid; these will significantly lock in hydration and attract moisture to the skin’s surface.


2. You are what you eat!

Although applying the right products are very important, hydrating yourself through your diet is just as beneficial. To further prevent dehydrated skin, it’s VITAL that you increase your intracellular water levels before you fall asleep. As well as upping your water intake, snacking on water-rich fruits and veg like cucumber, apples and watermelon will keep you hydrated from the inside, and will also release free-radical fighting antioxidants while you sleep – ideal for skin cell regeneration!


3. Remove your makeup!

It goes without saying but you’d be surprised how many people forget to remove their makeup before bed. Regardless of how tired you are, or whether you’re still slightly intoxicated when you come in from a night out, removing ALL makeup is an absolute MUST. Whilst you sleep, your skin repairs itself and the skin pores open up; if you’ve got a layer of makeup on your face, lips, or eyes, the pores will get clogged leaving you prone to spot breakouts and an uneven skin tone.


4. Use an Eye Cream

One area on your face that will significantly show signs or tiredness and aging is your eyes. When your complexion is looking particularly dull, it’s always a good idea to apply eye cream in order to help hydrate and de-puff dark circles. Look for creams that contain ingredients such as caffeine, peptides, brighteners and antioxidants.


5. Never Sleep with your hair done

This may seem like an odd one, but if your complexion is already looking a little worse for wear, sleeping with strands of your hair across your face won’t do it any favours. Our hair is FULL of natural oils, and whilst this is good for maintaining shiny and glossy locks, the oil from your hair can also clog up your pores, leading to forehead breakouts. Furthermore, sleeping with your hair up and completely out of your face will ensure that any products residue (hair spray, serum, etc.) won’t get in contact with your skin. 




Party Survival Skincare Guide - 28th October 2016


With the party season right around the corner, you’ll want to be looking and feeling your best. All the late nights, alcohol and yummy food can take a serious and unwanted toll on your skin. We have compiled seven top tips on how to save your skin this season and keep it in its best possible condition.


1. Monitor your alcohol consumption.

Keeping alcohol consumption to a moderate level can do wonders for your skin, and will also save you from being weighed down by a hangover when you have things to do. Most alcoholic drinks contain high levels of sugar, which can cause those unsightly breakouts, the last thing you want before going to a party! Swapping your alcoholic drinks to soft drinks or water is an easy way to prevent spots and calorie intake. 


2. Let your skin breathe.

Even if you love experimenting with new makeup looks during the party season, try and allow yourself to have a makeup free day. Aim to have a bare face day once a week as this will give your skin a chance to breathe and recharge for the week ahead. 


3. Don't neglect your beauty sleep.

Party season means you are bound to have one too many late nights, but you should still try to get 6-8 hours sleep as this will give your skin cells the time they need to naturally renew themselves, leaving your complexion fresh and healthy.

To help you relax & unwind before bed try using the Janjira Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Massage Candle. The rich aroma and ambience of this candle will put you in to the perfect relaxed state before bed whilst the warm oil is absorbed by the skin, leaving it supple, soft and protected. 


For those nights when you haven’t had your 40 winks of sleep and dark circles have reared their ugly heads in the morning the Janjira Marine Radiant White Brightening Eye Lift will help make your eye area look brighter and more awake. It contains Vitamin B3, which boosts radiance and prevents under-eye shadows, while the innovative metal applicator gives a cooling and soothing feeling. Your late night will go unnoticed!

4. Remove your make up before bed.

It’s easy to jump straight in to bed after getting home late, but taking a few minutes to remove your makeup first is key for blemish-free skin. Using cotton rounds soaked in micellar water is a fuss free, quick and effective way to remove the bulk of your makeup and your skin will thank you the next morning!


Janjira Pomegranate & Acai Micellar Water removes all traces of makeup, impurities and unclogs pores without leaving a greasy film or drying skin out. It is enriched with plant extracts such as pomegranate, acai, Japanese rose and mushroom, that prevent skin dehydration, premature ageing and reduce the appearance of pores.

5. You are what you eat.

The party season means plenty of delicious food, but this overload of sugar can lead to sudden breakouts. Sugar also supresses white blood cell activity, making us more vulnerable to flu and allergies. In addition, consuming foods high in salt increases dehydration and water retention, which causes puffy eyes. We recommend trying to avoid overindulging and instead of having an occasional treat, which will also help to keep the extra pounds off. Many people may reason that they can lose the extra weight in the New Year, but gaining and then losing weight can actually cause your skin to lose elasticity and sag, so avoiding doing this is the best option!


6. Stay hydrated.

It’s no secret that drinking water is essential for great skin, and plenty of alcohol, salty snacks and cold weather during the party season can leave you and your skin extra dehydrated, resulting in fine lines and dullness. To combat this, aim to drink around 8 glasses of water a day and if you find this difficult, try drinking fruit infused water for more flavour.

7. Pre-party exfoliation.

As well as treating your skin during and after the party season, it is just as important to prepare it. A great makeup look for the party season starts with great skin. For an ultra smooth and radiant base underneath your makeup make sure to exfoliate your skin.

Janjira Marine Radiant White Exfoliating Scrub contains Algowhite that brightens the skin, Vitamin C that reduces inflammation & enhances skin’s repair process, and Vitamin B3 that protects the skin and encourages the production of natural emollients, that keep your skin hydrated.



Skin Concern - Dry Skin - 17th October 2016



Winter is on its way, with its strong winds and cold weather. This can have a significant effect on your skin, changing the skin’s texture and drying it out. However, dry skin can be prevented and replenished, and with our tips below you can fight dry skin this winter!


What is Dry Skin?

Dry skin is a very common skin condition where there is a lack of the appropriate amount of water in the outer layer of the skin, and this can be worsened depending on how humid the air is. During the winter when the temperature drops, the humidity level also does accordingly, leaving you with parched, itchy, and cracked skin.

1. Drink more water

It sounds obvious, but drinking water is crucial to ensure skin stays hydrated, soft and supple! Aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day, to decrease water loss and maintain skin hydration.

2. Quit the steamy showers

With the cold nights coming, long, hot showers start to seem very tempting! However, this can have a significant effect on your skin, drying it out by stripping your body of its natural oil barrier. The barrier is essential for trapping moisture, therefore stick to warm (not hot), and short showers, to improve the amount of moisture in your skin, and keep skin looking smooth and soft.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is highly recommended to keep your skin soft and supple. The dry skin needs to be buffed away from the surface so that the fresh skin can shine. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliator, such as our Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub, the perfect gentle scrub to keep skin smooth!





Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub - £26

This scrub uses refined sugar to help exfoliate, enhance, smoothen and brighten the skin. The emolient-rich oils help restore the skins moisture and hydration. It helps to buff away dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother with Sweet Almond Oil leaving skin nourished.

4. Moisturise

As previously explained there’s less moisture in air during winter so moisturising the skin is necessary! Moisturiser helps dry skin by allowing you to hydrate the areas of moisture or oils that your skin is missing. Moisturiser should be applied immediately after washing, to trap the existing moisture in your skin. For truly nourished, supple skin, we suggest using a moisturiser with natural oils and ingredients. This is because natural oils such as Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil are enriched with vitamins, which can help to soothe the skin. Try our Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter enriched with Avocado Oil for the body, and our Marine Radiant White Regenerating Night Cream for an intense hydrating treatment!




Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter - £26

This body butter helps to replenish, moisturise and hydrate the skin. It contains Avocado Oil, which provides several vitamins to help to heal and soothe the skin. The Shea Butter helps to keep the skin soft and maintains the skin’s structure.


Marine Radiant White Regenerate Night Cream - £26


This light overnight gel provides long-lasting hydration, as well as increases skins elasticity, with a combination of Vitamin C & Vitamin B3, which gives the skin a clear, luminous and smoother complexion.


5. Use a non-drying cleanser

To prevent dry skin, switch your cleanser for a non-drying, hydrating one. A lot of cleansers contain alcohol, leaving the skin feeling tight or sensitive after cleansing, which means it may be stripping your skin of its moisture and leaving it dried out. Try our Pomegranate & Acai Facial Cleanser, which contains Turmeric to prevent dryness and keep skin soft and supple!

 Pomegranate & Acai Facial Cleanser - £16



This delicate cleanser helps to remove dirt, impurities and make-up, while preventing dry skin with the help of Turmeric and Mangosteen Peel Extract which contains vitamin C to nourish the skin and help it looking clean and fresh.




Michelle Keegans Beauty Must Haves! - 26th August 2016

It is no secret that Michelle Keegan has beautiful skin. Not only does she have a polished, blemish free complexion, she’s also got a luminous, radiant glow! And much to our delight her skincare essentials have now been revealed, with her flawless complexion being thanks to Janjira! Her favourites are the Marine Radiant White Brightening Eye Lift, the Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter and the Pomegranate & Acai Range!


One of Michelle’s beauty must haves includes our Brightening Eye Lift, which is part of our Marine Radiant White Range. This is one of Michelle’s cult beauty products, which she recently featured on her Hello! Blog post. She said that she is currently “championing this eye cream. I have it in my handbag, and I use it every morning at the moment, before I go on set.’ This skincare essential is perfect for anyone who leads a busy life as it works to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Michelle agrees, “It’s like a cooling eye lift, so perfect for all these early call times as I slap some on after I wake up, and it helps de puff my eyes, as they have a tendency to swell up when I haven’t had a good 10 hours sleep”.


Michelle also keeps her skin super soft and silky with the help of our Thai Lime Ginger Body Butter! “I’ve been slathering on this Janjira body butter. It smells really exotic and leaves my skin feeling so lovely and soft”. This best-selling range contains uplifting scents of lime combined with ginger and bitter orange to activate the senses, revitalise the mind and refresh the body. This collection contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells whilst maintaining moisture balance.


To achieve A-list flawless skin, why try a few of Michelle’s beauty mag must haves!




Marine Radiant White Brightening Eye Lift - £28

Our multi-action eye cream contains ingredients such as Ash Bark Extract to help protect the delicate eye area against premature ageing. It also contains Vitamins C and B3 to brighten and boost radiance around the eye area. The benefits include brightening, preventing dark circles, strengthening delicate under eye skin, protecting skin from pollution, and intensively moisturising the skin.


Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter - £26


This body butter is enriched with Ginger and Citrus extracts, leaving your skin replenished, moisturised and provides the skin with natural nutrients and vitamins. The benefits are: long-lasting hydration, restores skins elasticity, improves skins resilience, smoothness and radiance, helps heal and soothe skin, and provides anti-ageing effects. 





Pomegranate & Acai range


This luxurious range is your answer to flawless, radiant skin! Containing pomegranate & acai extracts the range works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of the high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which will also leave your skin smooth and youthful! 

Read Michelle Keegan's review on: Hello! online 



Avo Bit if This! - 5th August 2016


Avocado is fast becoming the go to super fruit! The Instagram favourite is leading the way when it comes to hashtags, and will soon even have its own emoji.  It’s no wonder, as they provide up to 20 essential nutrients, including Vitamin E, Fibre, Potassium and Folic Acid!

The avocado pear is a rather unique type of fruit. Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats. Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health. Prized for its high nutrient value it’s added to all sorts of dishes due to its delicious and rich texture and features on many a weekend Instagram brunch post.

Not only does it have health benefits but introducing it to your beauty regime can work wonders for your skin and hair too. Dubbed as the new coconut oil, this nutritious ingredient is a celebrity favourite of A-listers such as Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne. Applying avocado oil to your hair and skin can be extremely nourishing and a great source of hydration to rejuvenate your skin making it appear brighter.

Enhance your healthy diet with an avocado inspired beauty regime. The refreshing Janjira Thai Lime and Ginger range is the ultimate summer collection. Not only will the fresh and zingy fragrance provide an instant energising uplift but the products are packed with Avocado Oil for luxurious moisturising benefits. 





Thai Lime & Ginger Shower Gel , £14

Voted the ‘Most uplifting shower gel’ in the Vavista Awards 2016, Janjira Thai Lime and Ginger Shower Gel is the perfect body wash to leave you feeling fresh and hydrated. The Thai Lime and Ginger works with avocado to nourish skin leaving you feeling silky smooth, cleansing whilst working to not over dry the skin. The Organic Avocado Oil in this shower gel works to provide countless vitamins including A,B and D as well as amino acids that help to soothe and heal the skin. 




Mini Thai Lime & Ginger Massage Oil, £5

Hands can dry out the most in the sun. This hand and body lotion combines Ginger and Citrus Extracts to moisturise and energise the skin. Vitamin E moisturises and protects the skin from water loss. Continuous use will help your skin to feel soft and look radiant.

Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter, £26

For a rich nourishing treat, Janjira have created a must-have product to replenish and moisturise even the driest skin. The Avocado Oil within the Thai Lime and Ginger Body Butter helps maintain skin’s softness whilst soothing skin. Providing the skin with long lasting hydration and anti-ageing benefits, this rich butter is absorbed quickly to restore elasticity and improve the skin’s resilience and radiance. 



Beauty Survival for the Summer - 14th July 2016 

Now the summer has officially begun, it’s time to reconsider your skincare regime and think about protecting your skin in the warmer weather.

The biggest difference between summer and winter skincare is the consistency of products, level of hydration and restorative properties. Summer is the time in which skin is most vulnerable to harmful sunrays, UV’s and of course skin ageing.

Tocopheryl Acetate is an essential ingredient for summer skin, as it’s derived from Vitamin E, synonymous for maintaining the skin’s balance. Tocopheryl Acetate acts as an anti-oxidant to help prevent the skin ageing, so it is wise to use products which contain this ingredient during the summer.

Janjira has created the Thai Lime & Ginger range, a reflection of the beaming Thai sunshine, containing Tocopheryl Acetate.


Here are janjira’s top summer essential products :




Thai Lime & Ginger Massage Oil, £26

This versatile massage oil can be used as a moisturiser and blends Sunflower, Sweet Almond and Marula Seed Oils, which act as a moisturiser and antioxidant. Thai Lime and Ginger aroma helps to relieve stress and energises your mind.




Thai Lime & Ginger Hand & Body Lotion, £14

Hands can dry out the most in the sun. This hand and body lotion combines Ginger and Citrus Extracts to moisturise and energise the skin. Vitamin E moisturises and protects the skin from water loss. Continuous use will help your skin to feel soft and look radiant.

Thai Lime & Ginger Body Butter, £26

This rich Body Butter is perfect for maintaining a suntan, as it helps replenish, moisturise and gives the skin natural nutrients

Not only will these body care essentials prevent ageing of the skin during the summer months, but the uplifting scents of lime combined with ginger and bitter orange will activate the senses, revitalise the mind and refresh the body. This key collection also contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps to eliminate dead skin cells whilst maintaining moisture balance.

For silky soft smooth skin, try our Thai Lime & Ginger Sugar Milky Body Scrub. This summer essential uses refined sugar to help exfoliate, enhance, smoothen and brighten the skin, while emollient-rich oils work to restore the skin’s hydration.



Skin Concern - Dull Skin - 4th May 2016 


  • What is Dull Skin?

It is one of the most common skin problems. Dull skin can make you look very tired, even when you’re well rested. One of the main reasons may be that your skin is simply not getting enough oxygen and blood, causing it to look lifeless. However, there are also a number of other causes of dull skin which may not be necessarily obvious.


  • Causes of Dull Skin


Dehydrated skin can trigger many skin problems and although it may seem like the most obvious skincare tip, you really do need to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Without this step, your pores are likely to look more prominent and can even cause early signs of ageing. Making sure you’re hydrated all year round will eliminate toxins and boost your skin’s radiance.


2.An Unhealthy Diet

Majority of the time, it’s probably down to what you’re consuming on a daily basis. It may be that you think you’re eating the right foods but there’s something specific causing your skin to look dull. For example, milk contains androgens which are known to stimulate the skin, producing excessive oil. It’s not just dairy products that are the root of some skin concerns; it’s also down to the sugar intake and the carbohydrates in your diet. Nutrition is vital for a healthier complexion hence why your diet should contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to combat any minor skin problems such as the appearance of your pores or to even prevent wrinkles.



Smoking affects your skin in many different ways for example, it causes discolouration, increasing signs of ageing quite early on as well as damaging the skin’s collagen. Daily smoking can instantly increase these problems leading to severe skin problems but skin dullness is instant and probably the most visible effect of smoking.


  1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Again, excessive alcohol intake can also lead to a number of skin issues. It prevents your body from getting Vitamin A which is essential for cell renewal. Build up of dead skin cells over time causes your skin’s complexion to look grey and sallow.

1.Lack of Sleep

You may be surprised at just how much your skin’s appearance can be affected by sleep deprivation. It is recommended that you get 6-8 hours of sleep in order for your body to rest and for you to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Lack of sleep causes your body to release excess cortisol otherwise known as the stress hormone. This can then lead to a breakdown of the skin collagen, which is a major structural protein helping your skin to stay plump and smooth. Sleep deprivation also causes premature ageing and puffy eyes.



As we know, stress triggers various skin issues. Your body produces epinephrine more commonly known as adrenaline which decreases the blood flow to the skin thus less oxygen reaches the surface of the skin. A significant decrease in oxygen causes a very dull complexion, making the skin appear drained and sallow. There are many ways to relieve stress, for example exercising is an effective way as it boosts your blood flow while nourishing your skin cells which essentially leads to glowing skin.



Pollution can also zap your skin of its natural glow. Even your daily work commutes can take a toll on the skin, as the build up of dust causes pores to become severely congested making your overall complexion very dreary. Regardless of the climate, pollution is constant so it can affect your skin in various ways which is why it is vital that your skincare routine targets these specific problem areas.  



Wearing the right makeup will give your skin that flawless coverage. However, wearing makeup on top of problem skin on a daily basis can cause skin to look dull and lifeless. Understanding your skin type is essential when choosing makeup products and remember what may work for others may not necessarily work for you so it’s always good to test out products first.


5.Lack of exfoliation

If you’re using makeup wipes to remove your makeup, make sure you’re cleansing you skin straight after to remove dirt on the surface of the skin. You should then exfoliate as this helps minimise the appearance of pores and improves the skin texture while actively helping to rejuvenate the skin.


6.Sun exposure

UV rays are harmful thus too much sun exposure can damage skin cells, increasing signs of ageing and uneven skin tone. Vitamins C and E can help heal skin damage and restore the skins moisture. It’s always important to make sure you’re wearing SPF regardless of the climate, in order to ensure your skin is protected at all times.


  • Products to treat dull skin?

There are a few ingredients to tackle dull skin, such as products that are high in Vitamin C, coconut and jojoba oils, mushroom extract and Algowhite™. 

Brightening Booster Serum (£36.00) from the Marine Radiant White range actively brightens, refreshes and moisturises the skin. Add this to your regular skin care routine as the last step before you go to bed and you will wake up feeling nourished. It contains a unique ingredient, known as Sorghum Bicolor Stalk which is used in many cosmetics to combat anti-ageing. The immediate tightening of the skin causes it to produce a micro-lifting effect on the skin. This prevents early signs of ageing, leaving skin looking healthier and more radiant. 


Pomegranate & Acai Facial Mask (£20.00)

Packed with nutrients, antioxidants and anti-ageing agents this facial mask will instantly hydrate and rejuvenate dull and